Yoga: Working Well with Bellevue Chiropractic

How Yoga and Chiropractic Care Benefit You

The practice or discipline of yoga dates back to more than 4,000 years, hence, it is not a new trend. However, its resurgence in the Western world in the last 10 years has been phenomenal. Many schools, professionals, doctors, practitioners of alternative medicine, and other like-minded societies promote the benefits of yoga. Yoga harnesses the breath to posture and stretches the body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments that has been scientifically proven to provide good effects.

The benefits of yoga are manifold. These include decreased stress, lowered blood pressure, increased flexibility, improved physical stamina, and a better sense of balance. It is also seen as a means towards healing of injuries and disorders of health as yoga makes a connection between the physical body, emotional states, and psychological processes. You might say that it goes much further than conventional physical exercise.

While chiropractic care is a relatively a younger development in healthcare, it shares many of the same principles in its application and results with yoga. Both systems can heal your body of injuries and increase health on all levels of experience. If you regularly practise yoga and you combine it with regular chiropractic treatment your rewards in health improvement can be impressive.

Successful chiropractors have been praising yoga for decades, citing its many health benefits which makes it the perfect adjunct to any chiropractic treatment plan. By helping improve flexibility and range of motion, recommending yoga to patients improves outcomes and increases satisfaction with their care plan.

Practiced with consistency, yoga tones your body and prepares it to experience deep levels of healing by stretching out restricted muscles and releasing long-held tensions. It primes your body to receive the benefits of chiropractic treatment much more efficiently. Because your range of motion is improved with yoga, it enables your chiropractor to go deeper with your treatment and cuts down on preparation time spent getting you ready for advanced healing techniques. Clearly, the two systems complement each other.

Welcoming Yoga in Bellevue

Yoga practitioners experience better outcomes when combined with our chiropractic treatments here in Bellevue. Come by for a consultation. Both our sciences can do wonders for overall health.