Bellevue Chiropractic: Better Nutrition Enhances Chiropractic Outcomes

How Nutrition Impacts Chiropractic Care

We know that a poor diet compounded with bad eating habits will cause your body to operate inefficiently. Tiredness will set in easily all the time. With your defences down even the simplest inflammation or infection can cause some serious illness. Your recovery can be slow and hard. If your diet consists mainly of processed foods, lots of sugar and unhealthy fats, you can come down with inflammation easily. These habits can lead to joint pains among other painful conditions. This is rampant too among the obese, whose diet and eating styles are major contributors to their body pains and state of health.

Proper nutrition and healthy eating habits cannot be stressed any further. They are two of those essential pillars of good health and are irreplaceable. However, many patients seeking chiropractic care are themselves poorly nourished. Eating, yes. But badly. In order for a patient to receive the full potential of a chiropractic adjustment as well as food, they would lead a lifestyle that includes proper sleep, hydration, a positive mental attitude, and most importantly, proper nourishment and nerve supply.

If you are under chiropractic care, your chiropractor may work with you ensuring you are eating a proper diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy and healthy fats. A body that is fed whole foods and whole food nutritional supplements can utilize their vitamins, minerals, macronutrients and phytochemicals to build and rebuild all tissues that receive nervous system impulses.

Many people today are conscious of natural alternatives and the demand is rising. Chiropractors are now incorporating into their treatment plans more nutritional guidance coming in the form of recommendations and advice on dietary supplements and dietary choices. Considering your chiropractic needs, your diet and nutritional habits form a portion of your treatment. However, if you have a strong, lean body that is more resistant to illness you will certainly have better chiropractic outcomes than someone with poor nutrition.

Nutritional Support Helps Chiropractic

Your nutritional profile plays an active role in your chiropractic treatment in Bellevue. Your chiropractor will ascertain your overall health, your nutritional habits and choices are part of it. Know that the quality and quantity of your food choices impact your treatment outcome.

Is Your Child Always Constipated?

Chiropractic Care for Childhood Constipation

Constipation is a relatively common issue among children that sometimes does not resolve even with visits to the gastroenterologist. It is an infrequent or difficult elimination of feces, very stressful, uncomfortable, painful, and children may not even want to attempt to eliminate. Parents can turn desperate; sometimes the situation can stretch to a few days. Not many know that a chiropractic can help the situation. And how does it?

The child’s developing spine can be misaligned and not moving through the full range of motion. With restricted movements, exiting nerves through the vertebra will suffer a decrease in function. The nervous system is not optimally functioning. At the lower back, meaning the lower thoracic or upper lumbar zones, the nerves supplying the intestines are impeded and stimulus is decreased. Hence, one cannot expect normal peristaltic movement of the gut that enables stools to pass easily. It is logical then that to fix the restriction will enable the child to return to normal bowel movements.

While it is true that constipation can result from a variety of reasons, some are diet, stress, bad habits, and the like, chiropractic practitioners say that difficulty passing feces is basically a nervous system issue. If the causative factor is nerve restriction at the spine, then some chiropractic manipulation can help resolve the issue.

Help for Constipation in Bellevue

When you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, or that all possible causes have been looked into, try chiropractic. Bring your child to see us at NuStar Chiropractic and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Obesity and Chiropractic Care in Bellevue

The Link Between Obesity and Back Pain

As if obesity is not serious enough to develop heart disease and diabetes, there are the additional concerns of overweight people affecting their posture, gait, and overall disposition. Back pain bothers them a lot; stiff neck and numbness in their buttocks and feet are daily issues. If you are obese, you can only see that you are expanding, but what is happening inside your body, such as how your fat distribution is impacting on your spine, has not yet dawned.

You know that the spine carries much of the weight of your body, including the head. The bony structure keeps the body upright while walking, sitting, or running. It is subject to tremendous stresses from without and makes the necessary adjustments depending on the forces you apply to it. An obese person puts extra demands on the spine.

In obesity, the upper spine cannot straighten out properly. With time, the neck will bend forward while the head leans over the chest at an angle instead of upright. This posture leads to neck and upper back pains. The abdomen, on the other hand, is expanding forward and putting a lot of strain on the pelvis, causing it to tilt forward. The lower back tilts forward as well, putting pressure on the nerves and leading to low back pain. The muscles, ligaments and bones of the back are pulled out of alignment and may compress nerves to cause lower back pain, buttock pain or numbness down to the leg and foot.

Know that being overweight can also worsen spinal issues you might already have, such as arthritis and scoliosis. Obese people have a higher risk for herniation or bulging of the disc. While back pain is the most common site of pain in the obese, the greater your fat mass and fat mass index, the greater will be the number of pain sites you’ll have, independent of age and gender.

Chiropractic Care in Bellevue

Start your chiropractic care with NuStar Chiropractic in Bellevue. We can help you transition along your weight-reducing activities as well as relieving you of your back pains and other associated pains brought about by your weight issues. Remember to hold onto your commitment to a lifestyle modification and help us make your treatment plan work.