Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy
Lasers have arrived in a big way on the medical arena. They’re performing surgery, they’re cleaning teeth, and now they can even help to relieve your pain at our chiropractic in Bellevue. If you’d like a taste of the future of health, introduce yourself to cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy, alternatively called low-level laser therapy, is a revolutionary treatment that employs the healing power of light. The effects that light has on your body have been observed for centuries; insufficient exposure to light causes all sorts of negative conditions, including seasonal affective disorder, rickets, and the many side-effects of a vitamin D deficiency. Using low intensity lasers as a means to fight inflammation and treat injuries is a scientific method approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and more and more patients every year are benefitting from the treatment’s amazing results.

The therapy works by projecting red and near-infrared photon waves at your problem areas. These waves are able to penetrate past your skin and into the lymph nodes and blood vessels. The stimulation brought on by the light causes your blood vessels to expand, increasing circulation at the source of your pain and getting rid of inflammation and swelling. Meanwhile, your lymph nodes are being encouraged to drain, which promotes the healing process. The whole procedure is easy, completely non-invasive, and comfortable enough such that many patients are able to read through the entire half-hour experience.

Cold lasers have been used to treat back pain, bruises, and all kinds of sports injuries. They have even been embraced by many professional athletic teams, including Olympic teams, who report that their athletes recover more quickly under its treatment.

Cold laser therapy is safe for most people, though its effects on unborn children are unknown. It is therefore not advised that you partake of the treatment if you are pregnant. Your doctor will also be examining you for cancerous lesions or other areas that the light might not interact well with. Consult your chiropractor for more information on who can take advantage of cold laser therapy.

The next generation of pain relief is available at our Bellevue chiropractic clinic! Cold laser therapy employs low-energy laser beams to target inflamed tissue in your back, relieving your inflammation, encouraging blood flow, and activating your natural healing processes. Clinical tests have shown it to be effective in fighting edema. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s completely non-invasive!