The human back is a complex system, prone to debilitating injuries and complications. At our Bellevue chiropractor, it is our job to understand this system so that we can keep you standing erect.

Chiropractic treatment is based on the idea that many physical problems can be connected to an imbalance in the spine. As your spinal column is a delicate structure of bones that contains most of your significant nerves and blood vessels, a tiny glitch in your back can have devastating repercussions all across your body. A few knotted muscles in your neck can plague you with migraines. A small posture problem can bring pain all the way through your arms. If even one of your vertebrae movies out of place by a fraction of an inch, you can lose feeling in your legs. Loss of equilibrium, vision problems, and a sick stomach can potentially have roots in your back. When they do, we’re the ones who can bring you relief.

The treatments we provide serve to target the sources of your symptoms and activate the natural healing mechanisms of your body. With all the stresses that our backs have to undergo on a daily basis, many injuries have difficulty repairing themselves and need chiropractic adjustment to assist in their healing. Other times, pain is being caused by one innocuous bad habit that we can help you to identify. It takes a practiced mind and a trained hand to navigate the subtle workings of your back, and we can offer both.

If you’re suffering from sports injuries, pregnancy aches, whiplash, sciatica, or any other of a laundry list of back problems, take a look through our selection of services. We’re sure you’ll find the treatment that will free you of your pain and get back to top form again in no time!